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Perth Stadium, Perth, WA

Perth Stadium, also known as Optus Stadium was officially opened on 21st January 2018. The stadium is conveniently located east of the Perth CBD with views across the Swan River to the city. The multi-purpose sporting complex hosts AFL, rugby league, rugby union, soccer and cricket matches. The Stadium has 85% of the seating undercover and has two 340sqm video screens and world-class LED lighting. The stadium has a seating capacity of 60,000 for sporting events and up to 70,000 for music concerts.

Project Design Brief

The stadium backs onto the Swan River and the natural topography of the land falls away from the stadium to the river bank. Designers needed a drainage system to intercept the water run-off from the hard landscaped areas before it reached the soft landscaped areas and potentially erode the riverbank. The drainage system also needed to have pedestrians safe grates.

ACO's Solution


  • The 0.5% built-in slope in the K200 channel allowed the new pavement to be constructed as flat as possible and still provide efficient runoff to the outlet
  • The Iron Intercept Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grate provides slip resistance to AS 4586 and Load Class D to AS 3996, which met the designer’s requirements
  • Slot opening of 7mm is deemed safe for high heels and is also compliant to AS 3996
Perth Stadium

Other ACO products used:

  •   ACO TraffikDrain and cable pits
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