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Suncorp Stadium

The fifth upgrade of Suncorp Stadium brings new meaning to Brisbane locals and its numerous spectators. Known affectionately as “Stadium City”, Suncorp Stadium is linked strategically to Brisbane’s transport system with elaborate pedestrian and transport facilities. The stadium’s open air terraces, viewing galleries and outdoor BBQ grills allows it to sit harmoniously in its surrounding environment, reflecting the city’s subtropical climate and lifestyle.

Project Design Brief

The civic space is modernised with attention paid, even to the selection of the grated trench drain.

ACO's Solution

ACO Drain S200, a neat surface drainage solution allowed the designers to continue the stadium’s strong architectural line, use a pedestrian friendly grate and to provide efficient drainage.


This was all achieved without disturbing the flatness of the immediate surrounding surface trafficked frequently by pedestrians and vehicles

Suncorp Stadium

Other ACO products used:

  • Grated drainage pit with stainless steel Heelguard grate
  • KS200 channel with stainless steel Heelguard grating.
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