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Adelaide Oval, SA

Adelaide Oval is an historic stadium built in 1871 and located north of the Adelaide CBD. The oval is famous for national cricket matches and AFL football games and also caters for other football codes and large entertainment performances. The oval has recently undergone a $575 million redevelopment and caters for more than 53,000 people.

Project Design Brief

  • A perimeter drain to protect the playing arena from stormwater runoff originating from the new grandstands and concourses
  • A drainage system hydraulically efficient and easy to maintain
  • A grate that complies with WHS regulations and is safe for oval maintenance staff

ACO's Solution

  • KS100 sloped system with Grey Plastic Intercept Heelsaferegistration markAnti-Slip grates
  • A perimeter trench drainage system comprising precision manufactured modular Polycreteregistration mark Channels


  • ACO channels are sloped with 0.5% built-in fall allowing efficient drainage over flat areas
  • Plastic Intercept Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates meet all safety requirements
  • The grey coloured plastic grates blend with the adjacent concrete surround
  • The QuickLok boltless locking mechanism enables easy access for maintenance
Adelaide Oval
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