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Aquatic Centre, Wodonga VIC

The recently completed work at the Aquatic and Leisure Facility in Wodonga, comprises new pools, change amenities and other facilities.

The safety of pool users was a key requirement included in a brief given to designers by the local council.

Pavements had to be level and have a non-slip surface. Designers also had to consider the aggressive nature of the pool environment on the pavement elements. The drainage system, in particular, had to be durable as well as functional and foot friendly.

ACO’s KlassikDrain, consisting of runs of factory sloped channels, facilitated drainage along the flat level pavements.

Channels were sequentially assembled within runs to produce falls that would discharge into the outlet pipes. Each channel, manufactured with integrally cast stainless steel edge rails for durability, was supplied with Stainless Wedgewire Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grates rated to AS4586 for slip resistance.

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Aquatic Centre Wodonga
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