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Junee Train Station, Junee, NSW

Located on the Main South Line in NSW, Junee Train Station is a heritage listed railway station. Opened in 1878, it services the town of Junee in the Junee Shire. In the 1940’s, the station was one of the principle locomotive servicing and maintenance depots for steam locomotives for the entire southern region of NSW.

Project Design Brief

Driven by the state government’s Transport Access Program (TAP), improving accessibility throughout the station was a key requirement. Designers had to incorporate upgraded paths, introduce kerbs and ramps around the station entrance as well as resurface parts of the platform. Modern drainage had to be introduced to ensure the safety and convenience of commuters on wet days. As there was restricted depth in the platform, a compact easy to maintain trench drain was required.

ACO's Solution


  • The 130mm shallow depth of the H300KS channel system ensured it could be installed above the existing electrical services contained within the platform slab.
  • The Stainless 5-Star Heelsafe® Anti-Slip grates met the necessary accessibility and safety criteria of AS 4586, AS 3996 and AS 1428.
  • To facilitate installation and maintenance, the boltless locking mechanism provides quick fitting and removal of grates to reduce maintenance times.
Junee Train Station
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